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Are is the same articles sold to multiple customers?
No. We only sell one copy of each article and the contents of that article are only viewable to the purchaser. Once an article is sold, the item is removed from our catalog and marked as out of stock so that the purchaser is the only one with ownership of the article.

Can I use my own name as the author of the article?
Yes, upon purchase you own the article. You can name whomever you like as the author.

Who are the articles written by?
Each of our articles are written by professional writers who we have accepted as part of our team. Every writer goes through an application process where we review writing samples and work history. If writers do not meet our standards, they are not accepted.

How do you come up with article ideas?
With the team’s backgrounds in online marketing, writing, and content strategy, we are very in tune with what kinds of articles are successful on the web. The entire team runs article ideas by one another. They are voted on and added to the queue if they make the cut.

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