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How to Become a Thought Leader in the Information Age

thought leader

“Thought leader” is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around but which many people don’t really understand. Specifically, people don’t understand what a thought leader is, why it’s important to become a thought leader, or how a “thought leader” is different from someone who’s only a “leader.” Most importantly, people who want to become […]

3 Steps to Measuring Your Content Marketing’s Effectiveness


Measuring the effectiveness of content marketing isn’t always easy. In general, marketers know they should be looking at certain metrics, such as the numbers of likes and shares, but they often have a hard time understanding how to translate that data into meaningful, actionable information. However, once marketers have a better understanding of what content […]

7 Ways to Use Images in Your Online Content

Images in content

Internet users are not unlike the carnivorous plant from Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed me, Seymour!” cried the plant, and “Feed me, Internet!” cry the citizens of the online world. Just as Seymour had to go to great lengths to keep his plant fed, website owners have to go to great lengths to keep providing […]

How to Avoid an Epic Fail When Picking Hashtags

Marketing Fail

In the right hands, a social media hashtag is a powerful tool. Used incorrectly, however, a hashtag can be a marketing disaster. Just ask Kenneth Cole. In the spring of 2011, while the world crossed its fingers as the Arab Spring thawed Egypt and other nations in the Middle East, the fashion designer’s account tweeted: […]

Matt Cutts On Panda and Why You Need Quality Content


The Google Panda algorithm change has been out for a few years, but some website developers are still confused about what they’ve done to offend the Google search algorithm; their website rankings have declined on Google’s SERP seemingly without reason. What does Panda do that has changed search engine rankings? In a nutshell, Panda was […]

Use Google’s New In-Depth Search Results to Your Advantage

Google In-Depth Articles Search Results

The father of Chinese philosophy, Confucius, is credited with saying that “the superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.” Google would probably agree with Confucius on that one; for several years, the search giant has been trying to stay one step ahead of marketers who would vault their sales-oriented, […]

Positive Headlines are the Worst – Why Negative Titles Get More Clicks


Your mother is a liar. Yup, remember all those times she said, “Honey, you just need to stay positive and good things will happen?” well, those were lies, lies, and more damn lies. Turns out, having a negative outlook is…

3 Steps to Creating a Google+ Authorship Photo to Enhance Search Results

Google+ Authorship Photo

There’s one simple, completely White Hat magic bullet that some marketers claim can increase CTR by more than 30 percent. What is this magic bullet? It’s optimizing the Google+ author profile picture.

Keep Old Content Relevant for New Traffic


Organizations often suffer from myopia when it comes to content. They write a piece, publish it, forget about it, and continue onto the next article repeating the same process, all the while forgetting about posts already written. Those posts are sitting there, completed, ready to do their job entertaining […]

Why Infographics Make Great Content [Infographic]


An infographic from Neo Mammalian Studios, an infographic creation agency, attempts to explain how visualizations affect that way that we perceive and understand data.